Wednesday, April 1, 2009

When Life does not go according to plan

This is a hard note to write but we have put it off for several days, and feel you have the right to know what is going on at this point in our life. Mike and I were hit by the economy last week, his company has given two definitive economic strategies for the next 6 months, either taking a 10% pay cut or 1 week off no pay per quarter for the next two quarters until they can decide if they can make it in this poor economy, if not their will be layoffs. At the same time the boys tuition came in for next year up 4.2%. We are having challenges with our paperwork, we had to have our medicals redone because they were in black ink and need to be done in blue, we are not sure about the future right now and are in need of some deep prayer to find God's direction in all of this at this time. Besides the challenge with our paperwork and DSS. Financially, it would be in normal life decisions, not wise to spend $20,000 plus, when you may not have employment in the fall so we have some hard decisions to make and some major concerns about the increase in our tuition costs for two in college, their senior year for both of them. Mike is also feeling that he needs to be on the job and not leave now, because if they do cut back, he feels him being gone to the Ukraine could cost him our only income. Please pray for us as we need to hear God speak clearly to us at this time. Besides the outlay for the adoption there would be another person to support on a diminishing salary with increasing costs of living, and we want to do the right thing, we want to trust God. If we are to move forward with this process we need peace or clear confirmation, both of which we do not have at this time. We appreciate you standing in the gap in prayer with us. God is and He is good all the time, even when we don't understand what is going on.


  1. so sad to hear that things are tough right now. I know the last thing you want probably is advice, but for what it's worth I worked my way through 4 years of Christian college and graduated debt free with my parents only paying for my last semester. Again, I have no idea what your situation is, but my parents couldn't afford to pay for our college so all 4 of us kids worked our way through (3 of us to Christian college, one to a state school) and we're no worse for the wear :), maybe even a little stronger for having to "leave the cave, kill it, and drag it home" ourselves :). We're praying for you guys in what I know must be a really tough place. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Alycia Goody and John Davies
    (In midst of home study process to adopt 11-year old boy from Ukraine)

  3. I think for the both of you, waiting one year would lead to both of you being in the right place emotionally to face the roller coaster ride that is Ukrainian adoption. Your new child(ren) will need parents that are able to focus on them without the added stress of financial worries. I do agree (having said that, my opinion and a buck twenty-five will get you a coke...hmmm, you could get that drink without my opinion..) that it is prudent for your husband to be physically present while decisions are being made. Waiting just is the pits...we faced it too, only much worse because my father in law was diagnosed with terminal cancer...then, my mother in law let care of her liver cancer (a slow growing carcinoid...she'd had it for twelve years) lapse and suddenly she died. So, we found ourselves grieving and making huge life changes. Our son only became available the day before we had our appointment with the SDA. The second I laid eyes on his little face, I knew our son had not been "ready". Now, God has a sense of humor and maybe an inflated idea of what we can handle. The roller coaster continues....

    Hang in there and know that if its meant to be, it will be. Sorry, I know waiting is so hard.